Requirements for English teachers

Some basic requirements are necessary for teachers who will not be teaching telephone English lessons and would like to join Myer Japan. The most important of these requirements is to have a valid visa. At this time, Myer Japan does not sponsor visas. Also, some other jobs in Japan will not allow their employee to have another job outside the company. It is up to our potential teachers to make sure that if they are working for another company, their company will permit them to work for Myer Japan.

We at Myer Japan would like to know all of our teachers, so we ask to have an interview with any teacher that signs up with us*. The interview is very relaxed and easy. We would just like to get an idea of the teachers’ personality and potential interaction with his/her future students, and the teacher may decide if he/she would like to work with Myer Japan.

Following the interview, the teacher will be placed on our active teacher roster. Students wishing to learn English under the teacher will contact us and we will forward the request to the teacher. Myer will then set up a trial lesson convenient to both the student and the teacher and accompany the teacher to a 15-20 minute trial lesson. The teacher will be compensated for the trial lesson.

If all goes well and the student would like to sign up with the teacher, we then move on to the contract phase. The contract is very straight forward with no hidden catches. Myer Japan prefers not to see its students and teachers quit without a moment’s notice. Both the teacher and the students will just need to sign a contract requiring a one month notice before leaving our company.

Telephone English teachers are required to have their own computer, a headset or USB phone and Skype (the peer to peer voice service program). Skype is a free service and a quick download. Myer Japan can help you get it installed if you have any problems doing so yourself.

* Not required for telephone English teachers.
Potential telephone English teachers will be asked to have a 5-10 minute phone interview with one of Myer’s staff. We would just like to know what lesson structure and ideas you plan on teaching the student.

Interested in teaching English?

Myer Japan is always on the lookout in our expanding operations for friendly qualified teachers. If you would like to be considered for any job vacancies we may have, please submit your details on the Teachers’ Application Page. Thank you.