Teacher payment

English teachers who are employed under Myer Japan are paid well. We believe that by paying our teachers well, they in turn, will teach their students well. English teacher remuneration will be paid at the end of each month and can be deposited directly into the teacher’s bank account. There are two different amounts of payment that the teachers can earn depending on the types of classes they teach. These classes are divided into two groups.

Telephone English lessons and regular English lessons

There are two different amounts of payment an English teacher may receive depending on the types of classes he/she chooses to teach the two different groups of payment are divided into Skype English lessons and all other types of lessons.

To see how much we offer for the class types, please request to “see payment types” on the Teachers’ Application page under the “Additional comments” section. Upon receiving your request, we will E-mail you the URL of the page which shows the payment we provide our teachers.

Interested in teaching English?

Myer Japan is always on the lookout in our expanding operations for friendly qualified teachers. If you would like to be considered for any job vacancies we may have, please submit your details on the Teachers’ Application Page. Thank you.