Group Lesson

Improve your English while having fun in a Group Lesson. The cost is also reasonable!

Course Max. No. of Students Lesson Time Times / Week Monthly Tuition(yen)
Tod and Mommy (Pre-school children and parent) 6 40 1 8,000
Tod and Mommy (Pre-school children and parent) 6 40 2 13,000
Tod and Mommy (Pre-school children and parent) 6 40 3 16,500
Infant (3-6 year olds) 6 50 1 8,000
Elementary School 6 50 1 8,000
Jr High / High School 6 50 1 8,000
General Conversation (Adult) 6 50 1 8,000
General Conversation (Adult) 6 50 2 13,000
General Conversation (Adult) 6 50 3 16,500
General Conversation (Adult)
Afternoon (Limited Time)
10 50 1 5,000

* We offer a Family Discount for Group Lessons (Afternoon Lesson not included). For the once weekly lesson, the price is 7,000 yen for the 2nd person and 6,000 yen for the 3rd person.
* Group Lessons must have a minimum of 3 students. If there is only one student the length of the lesson will be 20 minutes shorter than the standard time. If there are 2 students the length of the lesson will be 10 minutes shorter than the standard time.

Private Lesson

Learning one-on-one with a native teacher has many advantages!

Course Lesson Time
(once / week)
Number ofStudents Monthly Tuition(yen)
Private 50 minutes 1 18,000
Semi private 50 minutes 2 12,000

* Semiprivate Lessons can be arranged with 2 students, when there is only 1 student the lesson will be considered a Private Lesson.
* We offer discounts for multiple lessons, classes / week. Please contact us for more information.

Intensive Lesson

Specially designed for preparation for the TOEIC or overseas study. Intensive English Study.
Native teachers and teachers having achieved a score of 990 on the TOEIC (perfect score) cooperate to provide the best teaching available.

Course Maximum Number of Students Number of Classes
(50 minutes)
TOEIC Preparation (Beginner Course) 6 14 Classes 2 28,000
TOEIC Preparation (500+ points) 6 14 Classes 2 30,000
TOEIC Preparation (700+ points) 6 14 Classes 2 32,000
Short Term Intensive 1 8 Classes- 1- 32,000-

* The TOEIC Preparation Course is scheduled according to test dates. Please refer to the schedule.
* The TOEIC Preparation Course with a maximum of 6 students will be offered for 2 students or more.
* Preparation Courses for the TOEFL and each of the other English Proficiency Tests are also available.

Home Lesson

Same price for up to 4 students, so this is a highly economical way for the whole family to study English and English Conversation.

Course Lesson Time Number of Students Times / Week Monthly Tuition (yen)
Toddler, Elementary, General 50 minutes 1 – 4 1 21,000

* An additional charge for transportation (maximum 800 yen) is requiredfor Home Lessons.
* Possible to be held somewhere other than your home. Company Lesson, Cafe Lesson etc. are other options available to you.
* For lessons with 5 or more students, an additional charge of 5,000yen / student is required (maximum of 6 students / lesson)
The above does not apply to lessons for more than 6 students to be held at companies, in mansion meeting rooms, etc.
* Telephone Lessons are also available.
* Please contact us about Extracurricular Kindergarten English Conversation Lessons taught by native teachers.