Adult English Conversation Classes

Learn about English Culture and Background in Entertaining Adult Classes

Adult English Conversation

Enjoy “Adult English Conversation” in a relaxed atmosphere
“I want to watch my favorite movies without having to rely on the subtitles”, “I want some foreigner friends”, “I want to be able to express what I want to say when travelling overseas”, “I want to learn Business Conversation to prepare for working overseas”, “I want to use my free time learn English Conversation”…

The reasons differ from person to person, but there are many situations where it is necessary or desirable to “learn English” after becoming an adult. It’s not too late to start! There are things that you can understand more deeply about the culture and background behind the English because you are an adult. “He who hesitates is lost!” Join one of our enjoyable Adult Classes today!

Adult English Classes

Adult Classes up to 3 times / week without a reservation!
Our Adult Classes are all small group lessons. All classes are conducted in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, so even a new beginner can receive English Conversation lessons at their own pace.
Adult Lessons are held 3 times / week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can choose the number of times to participate depending on your own schedule. The more times you participate, the more you save!

1) Once / week 50 minutes
8,000 yen / month

2) Twice / week 50 minutes
13,000 yen / month

3) 3 Times / week 50 minutes
16,500 yen / month