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TOEIC Preparation Course

Effective Learning Methods
The TOEIC public test is held 8 times / year in January, March, May, June, July, September, October and November. At Myer English School we offer 13.5 hour intensive courses to help you brush up just before the test. Those who are too busy at work to take time to study over a long period of time, and those that want to focus and immerse themselves in the study process for a short period of time are sure to be pleased with the TOEIC Preparation Course.
TOEIC Preparation Course

TOEFL Examination Course

Necessary for Those Desiring to Study in America
TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is the test used in the United States and Canada to determine if students wishing to study there from countries where English is not the mother tongue have a sufficient level of English ability to keep up with student life. At Myer English School we support your study for the TOEFL Examination. A one-on-one private lesson with a native teacher so you can concentrate your efforts on the TOEFL test.
TOEFL Examination Course

Eiken (STEP) Examination Course

The most appropriate practical English examination for beginners and students.
The Eiken is the representative test for general students of English and is the most popular English proficiency test among Jr High School and Sr High School students. The Eiken is divided into 7 steps from the basic Grade 5 to Grade 1 which resembles native speaking skills. From the basics to application the Eiken is an examination that tests overall English skills that anyone can attempt. The Eiken tests all 4 skills “Listening / Speaking / Reading / Writing”. Myer English School can support your overall preparation for the Eiken Examination.
≫Eiken Examination Course

The United Nations Associations Test of English (UNATE) Course

International public servants for the United Nations etc. make use of the UNATE to show their English proficiency. The Special A Grade is the highest English qualification possible to receive.
The UNATE is the English qualification emphasized by universities and in the corporate world. The UNATE has a high level of respect, especially the A Grade is used to examine the English ability of those wishing to become international public servants. Another characteristic of the UNATE is the large number of questions concerning world issues and current events. For those who want to not only increase their English ability, but become a true international citizen with opinions that stand up in the international arena, we at Myer English School will back up your efforts.