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Thinking of teaching English in Japan? Here’s what you need to know…

EFL industry

The demand for learning English in Japan is huge. English lessons are now provided in most Junior and High Schools, and many Elementary Schools and Kindergartens are starting to offer English classes on a selective basis.

“Native” English speakers

People who speak English as their first language are collectively dubbed “Native” speakers in Japan. Since there is a growing expectation that instructors of English should be native speakers, native speakers are very much in demand in both the public and private sectors.

Immigration issues

The ever-growing demand for teachers from English-speaking countries has prompted the government to devise a special work visa specifically for people traveling to Japan for the purpose of teaching English: the “Specialist in Humanities and International Services” visa.

Skype lessons

Many English schools now offer Skype lessons where teachers can teach English to enthusiastic students from the office. Skype: a peer to peer internet telephony network program allows those who have the program installed to speak to each other from anywhere in the world for free. For a small charge (depending on the country) Skype to telephone or Skype to mobile phone is possible as well.

Teaching children

Whether because of the overwhelming pressures of a competitive education system, or because it’s widely agreed that a child’s capacity to acquire and retain language skills far exceeds that of adults, more and more parents and teachers are introducing children to English lessons.

Teaching conversation

English Conversation classes make up the majority of lessons in private English schools. The next section addresses the private “Eikaiwa” industry separately, but click HERE to read class descriptions, sample lesson plans and some basic teaching methods.

Eikaiwa schools

All School kids in Japan study English for at least 3 years, and the curriculum focuses principally on correct grammar and direct translation of sentences. The “Eikaiwa” or “Conversation Room” industry has grown out of a desire for Japanese people to use the English they have studied to learn to communicate in a more meaningful way.

Schools :
Nishijin, Sawara-ward, Fukuoka

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