Kindergarten / Kids English Conversation
English Lessons at Kindergarten by Native Teachers

Kindergarten / Kids English Conversation Lesson

Kids English Conversation at Kindergarten

Myer English School supports kids English studies.  We provide native English teachers for enjoyable lessons to various Kindergartens in Fukuoka City.

Some Things Can Only be Learned as a Child
   Children learn many things from their daily play and in their relationships with the people around them.  One of those things is language.  Language is acquired relatively early in the developmental stage, therefore learning English in Kindergarten can be especially important for children to be able to develop the skill to "hear and say" what they are learning.  It can be said that it is best for a child to learn the unique English sounds before beginning elementary school.
  At Myer English School we dispatch native English teachers to kindergartens in the Fukuoka City area to support the needs of families wishing to give their children an English education at an early age.

Kindergarten Lesson

Kindergarten Lesson Price and Schedule

   The Hanahata Kindergarten / Nursery School has an established English program both as part of in-school and extra-curricular activities.
A teacher from Myer English School is dispatched to Hanahata Kindergarten where they are responsible for the children's English classes.

  • Hanahata Kindergarten English Conversation Lesson
    4,000 yen     50 minutes     Place / Time: Hanahata Kindergarten / 14:00 to 14:50

For Kindergarten Teachers

We gladly accept inquiries concerning establishin English Conversation Classes at Kindergartens

   The study of English education is becoming more important in today's globalized society.  Recently English education has also been introduced at the Elementary School level.  The number of parents desiring their children to receive more English education from an early age is also on the rise.
   Given this current situation, any Kindergarten or Nursery School teachers interested in establishing an English program at your school, please contact Myer English School.  Won't you increase your children's English ability together with Myer English School in a fun program including songs, games, quizzes, etc.?

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