Characteristics of Myer Telephone Conversation Lessons
Telephone English Conversation  Myer English School

What's Different About a Telephone English Conversation Lesson

  • Because it is a telephone lesson, there is no relying on body language, gestures or other visual stimulation and you are able to focus entirely on what you hear.
  • There is no need to come to the school, and there are no telephone costs (if you use SKYPE).  Especially suitable for those that are busy during the day, since it is possible to schedule your class as late as you want, up to 10pm.
  • A teacher from Myer English School will call you at the scheduled lesson time.  There is no worry of forgetting a lesson or skipping class!

A Telephone Lesson Allows You to Focus on What You Want to Study

Telephone Lessons For Businesspeople - Business English Conversation
  In business situations that require English, it is important to use English that is not only easily understood, but conveys your message to the other party.  With a Telephone Lesson it is possible to learn the spoken  expressions and phrases but to pick up the natural pronunciation, rhythm and sound of the conversation.  It is also possible to talk about things from many fields of interest and thereby provide practical English Conversation.

Telephone Lessons for University / HIgh School Students - Student English Conversation
  Use the lesson time to review what you learned in school that day or to prepare for the Eiken, TOEIC or other proficiency exams, the choice is yours!  Of course, each
Telephone Lesson is designed for each student individually to meet his or her specific needs and desires.  It is therefore also possible to use lesson time to prepare for an upcoming examination at school.  A Telephone English Lesson not requiring a trip to the schoo is ideal for those students busy during the day and involved in other extra-curricular activities.

3 Points to Consider When Choosing an English School that Offers Telephone Lessons

Here are 3 points to consider when choosing an English school for Telephone Lessons.  Your decision should not be based on these criteria alone, but this will give you an idea of what you should be looking for.

  1. Price - There are basically two pricing systems for Telephone English Lessons, the Monthly Tuition System and the Ticket System.  At Myer English School we use only the Monthly Tuition System.  The price is 8,400 yen / month for 1 lesson / week (add 1,600 yen for mobile phone users) which calculates to be only 2,100 yen / 20 minute lesson.  Very clear, no hidden costs.

  2. Lesson Time - The ability to study wherever you are (at home or otherwise), whenever is convenient for you is one of the strong points of the Telephone English Lesson.  Some schools may offer extremely short lesson times or on the other hand extremely long lesson times however, at Myer English School all lessons are 20 minutes.  This is the optimal time for concentration and study productivity.  In addition, lessons are available up to 10pm.

  3. Free Trial Lesson - In order to determine if a Telephone English Lesson is for you, it is important to have a free trial lesson.  This will enable you to get a feel for the flow of the lesson, the atmosphere, etc. before making your decision. 

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