English Expressions for the Telephone
Expressions and Idioms for use on the Telephone

English Expressions Used on the Telephone

Translations of Frequently used English Phrases used on the Telephone

   As an introduction to our Telephone English Conversation Class here is a list of several English expressions commonly used on the telephone, and their Japanese equivilents.  You will soon be using phrases such as these in telephone conversations of your own!  The phrases presented here could be said to be the basics of the basics of telephone conversation expressions.  After becoming familiar with these expressions and making them your own, you can continue to expand the conversation through a Telephone English Conversation Class at Myer English School.

Hold on, please.
Whofs calling?
Could you speak up a little ?
Can I talk to `
May I take a message?
Please call me back later.
Could you speak a little more slowly?
I'll call you again.
He's not in right now. @
”ޏ—‚͍¡Žè‚ª•ú‚¹‚Ü‚¹‚ñ She's tied up at the moment.
You have the wrong number. @
The line was busy.
Say hello to ` for me.
“d˜b‚ ‚肪‚Æ‚¤
Thank you for your call.

Telephone English Conversation: A Few More Phrases

All of the teachers at Myer English School are native speakers.  Therefore, conversing with them on the telephone is a natural flow of pure English and it is quite possible that they will use some unique phrases from time to time.  The ability to experience "Live English" is one of the characteristics of the Telephone English Conversation Lesson.  Here are a few more phrases that it might be fun to make your own.

What do you want to do?
Where shall we go?
I can't go out because I'm broke.
Whom did you meet yesterday?
Would you like to go to a baseball game?
I don't think I will be up for it.
Let's meet at 6:00 at Starbucks.
At what time do the prices increase?
The homework was a piece of cake.
Which restaurant would you like to go to?

Telephone English Conversation: Idioms Often Used in Conversation

Idioms are often used in daily conversation.  Here is a site that is great for the study of idioms.

‚à‚Á‚ƃCƒfƒBƒIƒ€: Correct pronunciation can be heard directly from the site and they offer a wide range of American idioms.  You are sure to have a good time learning here.  Highly Recommended.