Myer Japan - Meinohama
English School & Telephone English Lessons

Meinohama English School.
Our new Meinohama English school will open in February 2007. If you are interested in teaching lessons at our school, home lessons, business lessons, cafe lessons and/or telephone English lessons feel free to sign up with us. We are expecting an opening year sign up of up to 100 students, and we will need trustworthy and fun teachers to accomodate them.

Interested in teaching English?
Our Meinohama English school is always on the lookout in our expanding operations for friendly qualified teachers. Personal transportation is a plus as we are looking to have some teachers teach home lessons. If you would like to be considered for any job vacancies we may have, please submit your details on the Teachers' Application Page. Thank you.

Types of classes.
Meinohama English school's language department is dedicated to teaching the young and old alike to be comfortable and knowledgeable with the English language. Our new Meinohama school is located a convenient 1 minute walk from Meinohama station. The school has 2 floors in which we will hold classes. Each floor will have 1 class, so we will be looking to have 2 teachers educating the students at any one time.