Myer English Conversation School - Access
Conveniently located near the Nishitetsu Hirao Station

Myer English Conversation School - Access / Contact

A 3 minute walk from the Nishitetsu Hirao Station.  Convenient access by train.

Myer English School and Overseas Study
Address:2F  2-12-21 Shirogane, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture        
Phone: 092-525-8811
FAX: 092-525-9912
E-mail: info()

{Directions to Myer English School}
Leave the Nishitetsu Hirao Station and turn right, Takamiya-dori will be the road in front of you.  At the intersection, turn right again and you will come to the Hirao Intersection at Hyaku-nenbashi Dori.  Turn right again and go straight about 50m and you will see a Royal Host Family Restaurant.  Just beyond the restaurant is a 7-11 convenience store.  Myer English School is located on the 2nd floor of that building, above 7-11.