Myer Japan
English Conversation School

English can be fun to learn.
We at Myer know this and therefore teach it that way. Interesting topics for the most advanced students and educational games for the younger students all aim at teaching English the way it was meant to be taught... Enjoyably.

Straight forward communication between teacher and student is of the utmost importance for students to be able to retain what they have been taught. Our teachers understand this and use it to their advantage while teaching.

We use a variety of text books aimed at giving students the best English education at their level of understanding.

Myer Japan is confident that you will be satisfied with our methods of teaching as well as your growing vocabulary.

Interested in working with us?
Myer Japan is always on the lookout in our expanding operations for friendly qualified teachers. If you would like to be considered for any job vacancies we may have, please submit your details on the Teachers' Application Page. Thank you.

Myer Japan's English language department is dedicated to teaching the young and old alike to be comfortable and knowledgable with the English language. We realize that perhaps English is difficult to understand and master. Therefore, we have perfected many techniques and are always putting new ones into practice to make learning English not only easier but also enjoyable at the same time.

Myer is proud to teach the whole spectrum of students. Not only the age range but also the level of English ability each student has is noted and closely monitored by the teacher. By doing this we are best able to create an excellent lesson plan for the student where they are most likely to retain what they have learned and have fun while doing it.

Students benefit from their choice of class structer here at Myer. The three class types we offer are group lessons, private lessons and home lessons. Like aged and similar level individuals are placed into group lessons upon thier request. You may think that all students in the same classes know eachother but this is not always true. Our teachers are well able to introduce new students into the classes and make the transition very easy for the new arrival. Myer also takes great pride in our students themselves, all of whom are very well behaved and have enthusiastic attitudes, which makes a new student joining the class rapidly feel at home.

Our private lessons are for the person who wants a one-on-one English session with one of our teachers. The students who choose this type of lesson often meet with great results in learning English. This direct communication and interaction between student and teacher can yield the best English retention one is able to find.

Home lessons offer the chance to study English with a teacher in the comfortable surroundings of the students house. The home environment allows for relaxed learning with the teacher. Home lessons make it easy for the student to learn and remember English without even feeling like they are studying. This fact alone makes home lessons a very sought after choice with Myer.