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Intensive Lessons

Intensive Lesson
Especially designed for preparing for the TOEIC or study abroad.  Intensive English Study!!
Tag team teaching by a teacher that scored 990 points (Perfect Score) on the TOEIC and a native teacher.

Course Max. No. of Students Number of Classes / 50 minutes Times / Week Tuition (yen)
TOEIC Preparation (Beginner Course) 8
13.5 2 28,000
TOEIC Preparation (500+ Course) 8
13.5 2 30,000
TOEIC Preparation (700+ Course) 8
13.5 2 32,000
TOEFL Preparation Course 8
13.5 2 28,000
Short-Term Intensive (For each of the above tests) 1 8 - 1 - 2 32,000 -

* Applications are being accepted for the TOEIC Preparation Course (available only at the Meinohama Classroom) with a maximum of 8 students and will be held when there is a minimum of 3 students signed up.  (If the course is full, or not enough students have applied for a course, you may be requested to wait until the next course is held.)

[How to Apply]

Please provide the following information in an e-mail to reserve your spot in the course.

  1. Name
  2. Contact Number
  3. Dates you would like to receive the course (Please include up to 3 possible dates)
  4. Desired Course Level
  5. Current Score

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